Secondary Research

Our team is adept at gaining value from available public data, and presenting it in the most useful and impactful way possible.

our offerings includes:

  • Existing Information Synthesis/Audits – Audit and classification of existing research from analysis of public sources (state publishing, academic theses, media).
  • Factbooks/Research Resource Books – Data books capturing statistics on markets, customers and competition from accepted sources, presented in highly formatted Excel/PowerPoint.
  • Strategic Summaries  Short crisp presentations on market landscape or trends summarizing key happenings.
  • Competitive Profiles  Deep-dive analysis, quick profiling or tracking of competitors.
  • Market Landscape and Trends – In-depth assessment of a market opportunity, covering market size, audience, competition and trends.
  • Translation – We provide translation services for Persian language under the supervision of localization specialists.


Higher Education

  • Distance Learning
  • Learning Management System

Oil & Gas

  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Petrochemical


  • Automation & control
  • Building / construction materials
  • Fluid, pump, & valve manufacturing
  • Industrial equipment & machinery

Consumer Electronics

  • Tablet & Smart Phone
  • Laptop
  • Digital Camera
  • Watch


  • Hotel
  • Airline