London to host European-Iranian business forum in October

London to host European-Iranian business forum in October

London is to host a high-profile European-Iranian business forum next month aimed at boosting investment and trade ties with the Islamic Republic after the lifting of anti-Iran sanctions, according to the Hamburg-based German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce.

Amid prospects of improved political relations and a new business climate between Europe and Iran, the two-day event, slated for October 15-16, is to address new business opportunities in Iran following an expected rollback of the current western sanctions imposed over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Featuring five rounds of panel discussions on issues like Iran’s regional and global status, Europe and Iran’s commercial ties and Iran’s financial sector development, the business forum will also stage 10 workshops in the area of medical industry, aviation, automotive and transportation, energy and information technology.

Speakers at the business conference include the former foreign ministers of England and France, Jack Straw and Hubert Vedrine.

More than 290 senior business executives as well political and economic experts are scheduled to attend the event.

The conference comes at a time when European Union exports to Iran have risen 10.5 percent during the first half of this year compared to the corresponding period in 2013.

Nearly three billion euros of EU goods were exported to Iran from January though June, according to figures released by the EU

statistical office.

Source: IRNA


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