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ارزشهای ما

Ethical rules and values guarantee our future َAlstom Chairman & CEO در حال حاضر گویی یک سری کلمات پشت سر هم ردیف شده: Trustworthy – Accuracy – Integrity – Authenticity – Mutual Respect – Loyalty و ارتباط آن با استراتژی ما مشخص نیست. برای مثال Innovation ذکر نشده است. الگو گیری از شرکتهای مطرح زیمنس: responsible – excellent – […]

اینترانت – هدف، الزامات و ویژگیها

هدف با توجه به اینکه یک تیم مجازی هستیم، اینترانت می تواند مانند نخ تسبیح همه را با هم متصل نگاه دارد. ابزار کار مشارکتی Collaboration دفتر کار مجازی الزامات و ویژگیها اشتراک مدارک: لوگو – استانداردها،- فرمها – رزومه پرسنل – قرارداد با کارفرما – WBS پروژه ها، – برنامه زمانبندی پروژه ها – […]

Iran tourism on the rise

An increasing number of foreign travelers have started making inquiries and booking hotel rooms with tour operators. Many are from countries which had ceased to choose Iran as their destination in recent years, Destinationiran reported. Some new countries have joined the list of those interested in Iran tourism. All have decided to visit Iran for […]

Lut desert, Hottest on Earth

Satellite temperature record coming from NASA satellites shows that Lut desert in Iran is the hottest place on earth. With temperatures as high as 71°C, the desert is aptly called ‘the Pole of Heat on earth’, Mehr News Agency reported. NASA figures show that between 2004 and 2009 (except for 2008 when Turpan Depression in […]

Agricuture Inefficiency Alarming

An agriculture expert says irrigation efficiency in Iran hardly reaches 30% where some 60 billion cubic meters of water is practically wasted every year. “In developed countries, the agriculture sector consumes 30% of total water supplies. The figure stands at 70% in developing and under-developed countries”, Ahmad Asgari told Tasnim News Agency. “In every country, […]

Market Needs Labor Market Needs Structural Reforms

Some 22 million people had jobs in 2012. Considering the increasing number of applicants, 13 million more jobs are required by 2021. In recent years inflation has increased sharply and non-oil growth is well below potential. Per capita income and living standards stalled as both domestic policies and international relations deteriorated because of the western-led […]

75% of Mobiles Smuggled

Ebrahim Dorosti, deputy head of Tehran Chamber of Guilds said on Monday that 75% of the cell phones in the market were smuggled into the country. He criticized the tariff imposed on cell phones as high, urging the government to remove them. Currently, the import tariff for cell phones stands at 6%. Dorosti said high […]

$225m Loan for Agriculture Industries

The Cooperative Development Bank (Tose’e Ta’avon Bank) has granted 6 trillion rials loan facilities during five months since the beginning of this Iranian year (starting March 21, 2014). CEO, Ali Sahmani, said in a press meeting on Sunday that the bank facilities were largely given to projects related to agriculture, industries, and mines. “Our facilities […]

Iranians Spend $3.31b on Tobacco Annually

Iranians squander $3.31 billion on tobacco and the treatment of smoking-related problems annually, according to Iran Anti -Tobacco Association (IATA). Nasir Dehghanpour, association member said Iranians spend double the money they invest on tobacco to remedy the consequences of smoking. He estimated that there are around 20 million smokers in the country, 8.5 to 10 […]

Water Scarcity Looms Large

70% of the groundwater tables of the country have been diminishing during the last 15 years. The tragedy of Urumia Lake is only a symptom of a widespread phenomenon half hidden under the drying ground. The water crisis has never before threatened Iranian people so cruelly. The average amount of water each citizen can enjoy […]